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We utilize a full range of industry leading water purification technologies and equipment to ensure that your water meets all local, state, national regulations and guidelines. The overwhelming key to our success in Osceola, Orange, Brevard, Polk and Seminole Counties is creating high-end personalized solutions that are unique to every one of our clients. Call us today or complete the brief form on the right to discuss your specific water purification needs so we can create the perfect solution for you.


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Is Clean and Good Tasting Water Even Possible in Florida?


In Florida water supplies can come from ground water near many different kinds of mineral deposits such as sulfur, manganese, or iron. Of course municipal water supplies remove these, but many well-water supplies do not, especially on rural residences. Sulfur water, found usually in areas in Florida in which there are hot springs, oil, and natural gas deposits, tend to smell like rotten eggs. Water that is found near the oceans has a high percentage of sodium chloride in it from the nearby sea, and makes the water taste bland or milky. Manganese in the water turns clothing and all kinds of plumbing fixtures black. Iron of course turns it rusty. Iron bacteria grow on the inside walls of toilet tanks, and water heaters and leaves the tank walls pure black.

This kind of information can seem like the task of clearing, purifying and improving taste of our Florida water is an impossible one. This actually, is not true. Dependable Water Treatment and WTW/CT&I specialize in overcoming these challenges… everyday.

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